Welcome to my April income report!

I have been doing income reports for a few months now, and I do so that newer bloggers can see that it IS possible to make money blogging at any stage.

I started blogging in September of 2018, and here I am today! It’s not very far, but it’s farther than I was when I started.

You can read my previous reports here:

Jan/Feb 2019


April seemed to be a very busy month for me, and it went by quickly! We are only a few days into May and my traffic is really picking up! (The reason? An awesome guest post by my colleague, Tarin LaRoux. You can read it here.)

I will continue to share my income reports with everyone until I feel it’s necessary to stop. I know that blogging can seem like a scary journey, but with the right tools and direction, it doesn’t have to be. (Read about how to start here)

Below you will see the statistics, income, and expenses for my 8th-month blogging and virtual assisting.

This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

april 2019 blogging income report

What is an income report?

An income report contains the income you made each month, by way of blogging, affiliate sales, any type of product sales (like if you are selling an eBook or course), ad payouts, etc. It can also show your stats and expenses as well. Everyone writes their reports differently, and this is how mine will be presented.

April income report details

Note: I wanted to voice from the beginning that all incoming money (“income”) is made from blogging, one way or another. I blog about my Pinterest services, which is what brings me clients. I blog about affiliate resources, which is what brings me affiliate sales. In case you were wondering why I included what I included in my summaries.

Pageviews from Google analytics: 1,586 vs 1,005 in March

Income: $332.57

FreshBooks is cloud-accounting software that I use for invoicing, bookkeeping, etc.

FOMO is and ads service that not only pays by click, but by impressions as well. You get automatically paid every month, and there is no minimum to cash out.

Expenses: $56.96

  • Tailwind $36.99
  • Drop box: $9.99
  • Paypal fees: $9.68
  • Etsy fees: 30c

Total profit for April: $275.61

April was a pretty good month for me! It was definitely more than I expected, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunities I had. I’m hoping May will prosper even more, with my new launch! (Details at the end of this post!)

April stats

These numbers are my social media numbers, email subscribers, and blog subscribers.

In April I cleaned out my email list and unsubscribed those who weren’t active.

Email subscribers: Mailerlite 95 (down 5 from last month)

Blog subscribers: 1 (up 1 from last month!)

Pinterest: 156k monthly views, 3.5k engaged, 1,887 followers (compared to 142k/3.3k/1,725 in March)

Facebook biz page: 147 likes (144 in March)

Instagram: 1,524 (vs 1,529 last month)

Twitter: 426 (428 in March)

I’m not as active on Twitter as I like to be, and probably won’t be. My main focus is Pinterest, then Facebook & Instagram. (Although they could probably use more love.)

april 2019 income report

Did I hit my April goals?

For April I wanted to have 150 email subscribers, 2,500 pageviews, and more affiliate sales. Sadly I did not hit those goals.

Are my goals to high for the moment? They may be. My plan was to create a new freebie to gain email subs, plus participate with Start a Mom Blog’s Pinterest challenge to raise my traffic. My traffic slightly increased but did not hit my goals.

Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

May plan of action and goals

I want to keep the same goals I had for April and try my best to work even harder at achieving them.

I am planning on promoting a few pins this month, plus I will FINALLY be launching my Pinterest course! (To hear the latest news sign up for my newsletter.)

I am planning on creating another freebie opt-in, and an email series on SMART goals.

What are some things you do to increase traffic? Drop them in the comments below!

pinterest DIY course


This concludes my April income report! Income report writing is one of my favorite times of the month. I love seeing my growth and seeing where I need help. I also enjoy that I can share my experiences with everyone and give the same kind of hope and motivation I received when I first started.

Drop a comment below if you enjoyed this income report and if you got something out of it! Also, feel free to share your experiences with me, too. I love learning and I could use any advice.