• 10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

    Consistency is key. Content is king. Social media and admin tasks are never-ending.

    I know you’ve heard the first two phrases before, however, the third one couldn’t be any truer. But how can you be consistent with social media if you’re busy with every other aspect of your business? 

    This is where a VA (virtual assistant) or Social Media Manager can come in handy. (Sometimes they are the same person!) The way social media works is by being consistent. People like to know that you care about them and are present on the platform, rather than just showing up to sell them something.

    While my main focus is on Pinterest strategies and management, I am also a general Virtual Assistant. Keep reading to learn 10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today.

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

    1. Set up your Pinterest profile & optimize it and/or manage your account on a monthly basis

    Social media is like a storefront for everything you offer. It is almost always the first thing people look at when they come across your business. It is where you show your brand and personality to the world. This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT marketing tool!

    Part of my Pinterest expertise is offering services to small businesses. When creating a [Pinterest] business profile I make sure it is optimized with relevant keywords so that it shows up in searches. 

    As for monthly management, I create strategies based upon the business and profile performance to grow the Pinterest account and create organic traffic to your business.

    2. Audit your Pinterest account

    A great way to see if your Pinterest account is performing up to its standards, or if it needs to be updated, is to have your account audited! 

    With this audit, I will review your account and create a report of suggestions to optimize it for maximum exposure.

    3. Social media content calendar

    Ask anyone who uses social media as part of marketing their business, what the downside to it is. I guarantee most of them will say content planning. Having a plan helps us to be efficient, and quite honestly, it makes us look more professional because everything is thought out. (Instead of being thrown together at the last minute.) Download my free content calendar here.

    content calendar for social media

    4. Social media graphics

    What is a social media content calendar without graphics to go with it? Get graphics sized correctly for the social media account you need it for! Graphics can be made for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and with your brand’s colors/fonts/logo, etc. 

    twitter sized graphic
    Twitter graphic
    sample facebook/instagram graphic
    FB/IG graphic (square)
    how pinterest can build your business on autopilot
    Pinterest pin

    5. Hashtag research for Instagram or Pinterest

    Hashtags are an important way to get seen in searches. For Instagram, they keep posts together in a searchable (and followable) category. Every post with that hashtag is lumped together. For Pinterest, it works in the same way, except the pins with the hashtag show up in chronological order. 

    6. Follow accounts in your niche and engage

    Social media can take up a huge chunk of your day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who can find [legit] accounts to follow in your niche and to engage with them?

    Engaging with your followers on a [minimum of a] daily basis is crucial to keeping your account active and will ultimately help it to grow. Not many people have time to sit and engage and skip it altogether. Once in a while is ok, but to not interact for a long period of time can actually hurt your reach.

    *Please note that this does not include content creation or posting. This is strictly engaging and following.

    10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

    7. Research blog post topics

    Sometimes your well runs dry and writer’s block hits. It happens to all of us. I like to keep a list of “backup” blog posts I can write when I run out of ideas or need to put something out quickly. I can do this for you, too!

    [Of course, it’s ok to take a break, too!]

    8. Personalized analytics report for Pinterest

    Have trouble interpreting or understanding your Pinterest analytics? I can go into your Pinterest backend and create a report for you that will contain information about your account (best pins, impressions, click-throughs, etc.) If you have Tailwind I can also get you information about your best and worst boards, too! (All of these services will require login access.)

    Don’t get left in the dark about your Pinterest account! Get the information that can help you boost your business and more. 

    9. Proofread blog posts

    Sometimes it helps to have an extra eye when it comes to your writing. When you sit and craft a post for hours, the next thing you want to do isn’t read it all over again. By letting someone else read over your work, you are able to catch something that may not have been seen otherwise.

    10. Create a flyer/opt-in/freebie

    Not good at creating promotional materials, or do you just not have the time to? I can help with that! You provide the info, and I’ll create a document for it. Freebies and opt-ins are great ways to grow your email lists. 

    Final thoughts

    I know firsthand that running a business alone can have its frustrations. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete everything on your to-do list. It is especially frustrating when you have a vision and don’t have the extra help to make it a reality.

    Not seeing something here that you need done? Feel free to contact me and see if it is something I can provide! Or, comment below something that you wish you could outsource in your business.

    *To get any of these services, feel free to send me an email at plannerwishesbylori@gmail.com or contact me on any of my social media sites.

    Gain access to my vault of freebies and resources here.

    Read related articles on my blog here.

  • Are you making these 9 Pinterest mistakes? (Fix them for a free Pinterest boost!)

    By now I’m sure you’ve heard (somewhere) that Pinterest is an EXCELLENT platform for driving organic traffic. And the best thing about it is that it is NOT a social media platform, but a visual search engine.

    To be honest, Pinterest for business is a tough nut to crack. But once you do, it will ultimately be one of the greatest [free] marketing tools you have for your business. 

    Get the most out of Pinterest for your business by making sure you’re not making these “mistakes”. Bonus: I tell you how you can fix them!

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    top 9 pinterest mistakes made the most

    Pinterest mistake number 1 – not having a business profile

    If you are conducting any kind of business on Pinterest (marketing your business, selling your products, etc.) you MUST have a business profile.

    Business profiles have quite a few benefits. One being analytics (stats on how well your account is doing, and what changes you need to make); as well as, the ability to create ads. 

    Not to fret – a business profile is easy to set up and FREE! Head to this blog post to learn how to set one up, or to convert to one from a personal profile.

    Other things you can do to your profile: claim your website, verify your account, set up rich pins.

    Pinterest mistake number 2 – not using SEO or keywords 

    Because Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a social media platform, it “works” by way of SEO (search engine optimization), which is basically “keywords”. Using the right keywords in your profile, description, and pins will definitely get you to the top of the search results on Pinterest.

    SEO is the “secret sauce” that gets you seen and ranked when it comes to using specific keywords. Learn more about SEO/keywording on this post.

    Pinterest mistake number 3 – low-quality pins

    When you browse Pinterest for pleasure, think about what makes you stop on a pin and click on it.

    Is it appealing? Eye-catching? Has your favorite color? Has a headline that makes you extremely curious?

    Now take that same concept and apply it to YOUR pins. Are they branded to your business? It is appealing? Does your headline match what is behind the pin? This is important because if you want someone to click on your pin and learn more about what you have to offer, you need to give them a reason to. 

    Tip: utilize graphic creation programs like Canva or PicMonkey.

    One of my first pins, for my very first blog post.. very plain, not attractive, just…yuck!

    Another pin for the same post, created at a later time. Which one would you be likely to click on?

    Pinterest mistake number 4 – your boards aren’t properly named or utilized

    I see this all the time, and I used to make this mistake as well. People name their food boards “yummmmmmmy in my tummy” or fashion board “strut that stuff”, etc. While these are great names for your boards on your personal page, this won’t help you on your business page. People don’t usually search for “yummy” meals using 7 M’s. 

    When creating boards on Pinterest (for business purposes) it is best to name them using keywords that people would use to search for them – and be specific. For a meals board, you can use, “Keto meals”, “meals for busy moms”, “meal prep”, etc. 

    Also, be sure to write a well-keyworded description, as well as choose a category for your board.

    Another problem with boards is having boards that have nothing to do with your niche. While it’s ok to use one Pinterest account for both personal and business, it will actually hurt your reach if you have non-niche boards on your profile. The solution? Make your personal boards secret! That way you can still have them, but no one will see them. 

    are you making these 9 pinterest mistakes?

    Pinterest mistake number 5 – you don’t have a strategy

    If you are just randomly pinning random pins to your profile, then it won’t help you draw people to your pins. 

    Here are a few things you can do:

    • Pin your pins to relevant boards (niche-specific boards first, general topic boards later)
    • Join niche-specific group boards, and repin from there
    • Go over your analytics and see what is working for you and what isn’t.
    • BE CONSISTENT! It is extremely important for the momentum of your profile to be consistent with your pinning.

    Tip: Grab some of my best pinning strategies in my Pinterest course!

    Pinterest mistake number 6 – you don’t create new content or boards

    Pinterest LOVES new and fresh content and rewards those who create them. Even if you aren’t releasing a new blog post or product every day/week, you can still put out new pins!

    Every week you should take your most popular pins/posts and create a new pin for them. You can also do this with your opt-ins, leading pages, ebooks, etc. This gives you more pins to share, and also “shows” Pinterest you are putting out new content.

    Other ways to create new content can be to create new boards (be sure to keyword them correctly!). Look at what people have been searching for in your niche and create a board around that topic. 

    social media marketing hacks guide

    Pinterest mistake number 7 – not using a scheduler/not manual pinning enough

    First – not using a scheduler. A scheduler is an awesome tool that helps you to pin to Pinterest automatically for you. Usually, it is at optimized times when your audience is on the most. This means that you can pin to Pinterest and make money while you sleep

    I use Tailwind to schedule and post for me. Tailwind is an approved partner of Pinterest and provides an optimized schedule for you, on top of EXTRA (and more thorough!) analytics about your Pinterest profile! Learn more about Tailwind and why I love it on this post

    Second – relying ONLY on schedulers, and NOT manually pinning enough. As with any platform, Pinterest “knows” when there isn’t a human presence around for a long period of time. As I mentioned above, Tailwind is an approved partner, so Pinterest “knows” Tailwind. But, they also prefer that Tailwind only be a “supplement” to human interaction, AKA manual pinning.

    By being present on Pinterest, you are telling Pinterest that you care what others see, and they will “reward” you accordingly. You don’t have to sit and manually pin for hours; instead, take about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to manually pin about 10 pins – a mixture of yours and others.

    Tip: utilize Tailwind Tribes!

    9 mistakes people make when using pinterest for business

    Pinterest mistake number 8 – not checking your analytics

    Knowing your analytics is important! It can tell you what pins are popular and converting; what strategies are working for you; what group boards are benefitting you, etc.

    By checking your stats frequently (biweekly works best for me), you are able to know the ins and outs of your profile. A lot of people strive for the “monthly viewers” number because it is front and center on your profile. In actuality, the number you SHOULD be keeping track of is the number of click-throughs you get on each pin. Your monthly viewers will go up and down frequently (that is the ebb and flow of Pinterest) but your click-throughs will tell you how much traffic you are getting to your website (the goal of Pinterest).

    This post will explain more about the difference between the vanity metric and important metrics.

    Tip: perform a Pinterest audit every 5-6 months to see how well your profile is doing! Read this post to learn more. 

    Pinterest mistake number 9 – not taking my Pinterest course!

    Hahah ok maybe this isn’t a TRUE mistake, but by going through my course you will be able to set-up, optimize, and manage your Pinterest account monthly with ease!

    My Pinterest course is affordable and very in-demand! Score your spot today for one low price. (Payment plans available, too.)

    top 9 mistakes people make on pinterest

    Final thoughts

    When you use it efficiently, Pinterest can be the biggest driver of organic traffic for you. It is an excellent marketing platform and has the potential to make you money (even without a blog!). 

    If you have made these “mistakes” and fixed them using my suggestions above, let me know in the comments how it worked out for you!

  • Why I’m not worried about my Pinterest views declining

    I hear it in almost EVERY Facebook group I’m in. “My Pinterest views dropped 10k overnight!”; “Does anyone know why my Pinterest views are getting lower?”; “Why am I losing Pinterest views, and what am I doing wrong?” And while it is an extreme high to see your Pinterest views get higher and higher, when they tank, it hits you right in the gut. 

    Although losing a few views here and there is nothing to get sick over, it still is a little discouraging at times. 

    When I first started my Pinterest journey, you can believe that my goal was to get the highest amount of viewers in the shortest amount of time. I was DETERMINED to get to the million viewers mark. Or close to it. 

    What I didn’t know at the time was that that number is basically a vanity number. One that doesn’t really matter when it comes to Pinterest strategies. 

    why I don't really care about my Pinterest monthly viewers

    So I’m here to tell you why I’m not sweating my Pinterest views dropping by 125k in a week, (yes, this really happened to me 2 months ago!) and how it’s slowly creeping back up only now.

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    What are Pinterest views?

    When you go to your Pinterest profile, [if it’s a business page] you will see a number labeled “monthly viewers”. This number is a combination of those who see your pins on your profile, as well as, those who see your pins from other profiles (who have pinned them).

    (Note: if you do not see this number, you will need to convert or create a business page. Learn how to do that on this post.)

    Most people place this number on a pedestal and strive to get the highest number possible on here. 

    And while this is a nice goal (that means more people are seeing your pins, right?), this is not the strategy at which you should be striving for on Pinterest. 

    What can be more important than Pinterest views?!

    The number(s) that you should be shooting for is the number of click-throughs each of your pins get. 

    This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to your Pinterest strategy because this tells you a number of things:

    1. People have seen your pin, was intrigued and stopped to take a look at it
    2. People want to learn more about what you are offering
    3. Your pins are created well and are worded correctly or fashioned appropriately (for the topic of the pin)

    THIS is the number you should be gunning for because that means people are visiting your website/URL! The purpose of Pinterest is to bring more traffic, and if people are only “seeing” your pin because they are scrolling past it (which is one of the components that give you that magic monthly viewer number) then you are NOT utilizing Pinterest to its fullest potential. 

    impressions to clicks comparison
    My impressions to clicks comparison for the last 60 days

    How do you know how many clicks your pins get?

    Pinterest has made this really simple now. (Let me not tell you the lengths we had to go to find out this information in the past!).

    You can find this information a few ways:

    1. Go to your profile, click the “pins” tab, and under your pins you will see some numbers.
    pinterest pins statistics

    The number next to the upper-right facing arrow is the number of clicks this specific pin got. If you click on the pin, you’ll gather more information.

    pin stats
    1. Go to your analytics (can only be done on desktop). Click analytics > overview > Top pins > Link clicks.
    link clicks from desktop

    Not seeing any numbers under your pins? This could be because of a few factors:

    1. You don’t have a business account 
    2. The pin is less than 24 hours old
    3. It is not your original pin

    How do you create click-worthy pins?

    If you have a high number of clicks for certain pins, take note that these pins are attracting your audience’s attention. This is great to know when you are creating pins in the future: create similar ones (because you know that they like the style/wording) and to create a new pin with the same title or pic, but change up the fonts/colors. (Play around with it!) Knowing that it’s a well-received subject, if you recreate the pin in a different style, you may attract MORE people to click on it!  

    Don’t know how to create viral pins? There are many tutorials out there to help you create the perfect pin! (Try Applecart Lane or Kimi Kinsey) 

    Pinterest followers DON’T MATTER

    At least, not in the way Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter followers do. 

    Remember that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, but a visual search engine (like Google, but by pictures).

    With FB/IG/TW you are playing a social game – so having a following is the only way your accounts will function.

    With Pinterest, because it is not a “social” platform, having followers will not entirely stop the function of your account. Don’t get me wrong, when you have followers, your pins AUTOMATICALLY show up in their feeds (which brings you some views).

    However, because Pinterest is a visual search engine, it works the best by using SEO strategies to ensure your content comes up in searches. (Which is the best way to get seen, in my opinion.)

    So now do you see why followers don’t really matter [for your strategy] on Pinterest? (Think of them like blog subscribers or RSS feed subscribers.) 

    Note that your Pinterest views will go up and down whether you have followers or not. If someone sees your pin and repins it, it can be seen whether or not someone follows you.

    Pinterest views and click-throughs, how do you get more of them?

    Whether you are going for the vanity number (Pinterest views) or the numbers that matter (link clicks), here are some things you can do to boost your Pinterest profile:

    • Use Tailwind. Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner and a great way to automate your pins. (Sign up for a FREE TRIAL, or read more.) *Note: check your Tailwind analytics for MORE insight on how well your boards are performing. If you notice your group boards not “giving back” to you, you may make the choice to leave them.
    • SEO your profile, boards, pins, etc. (Learn how to do that on this post.)
    • Manual pin at least 10 pins a day – a combination of yours and others (if manual pinning is your only strategy, you will need to bump this number up. Experiment to see what works well for your account.)
    • Create multiple pins for each blog post, each with a different design/color scheme/fonts.
    • Create and pin new pins each week (Be sure to space out your pinning!)
    • Perform a profile audit. (Learn more on this post.)
    • Create seasonal pins (always think 3 months into the future – what holiday/season will be happening in the next 3 months?)
    • Create new (SEO optimized) boards and/or join new group boards
    • Take a short break! Time away from something helps you to see the “bigger picture” and may give you ideas for new strategies.

    *For more tips, tricks, and STRATEGIES, take my Pinterest course

    spcial media marketing hacks guide

    Final thoughts

    As with all types of businesses, Pinterest has “seasons” where it is slower than other times of the year. Summer is one of them, as it’s warmer, so everyone is outside/active and not on their phones as much. Or, Christmas pins will not do as well in March as it will in Oct/Nov/Dec.

    If there ever comes a time where your Pinterest views tank, or steadily decline, you can now be confident that it is TRULY not a bad thing! Get to know your Pinterest profile and analytics thoroughly, as they provide ALL THE INFORMATION you need to succeed on Pinterest. (Learn how to interpret Pinterest analytics in my course, Pinterest for the People!)

    And if the task of running a Pinterest profile and interpreting analytics seems a little daunting to you, don’t fret! As a Pinterest Strategist, I provide all of this in my services – and more! Head to the Services tab on my website to learn more. 

    Let me know in the comments section your take on Pinterest views and clicks. I’m curious to find out if others agree on my take on this!

  • 16 Time Management tips for work-at-home moms

    As a work-from-home mom with a special needs child, you can imagine that time management is extremely important to me. 

    I didn’t always work from home, but I always wanted to have my own business. When I had my daughter and found that I needed to stay home and care for her, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. 

    I’ll be the first to admit it has been a STRUGGLE balancing a business (of which I didn’t know exactly how to run legally at first), motherhood, and home duties. Plus, self-care. I was a single mom with no money (I was living with my sister and in exchange babysat my niece while she worked) and stressed about our future.

    Because of that, I needed to find a solution and make everything work with the 24 hours I was given each day. I knew time management is what I needed to get things done. And while I may not have ALL my sh*t together right now, I’m in a good flow and wanted to share my personal experience with other moms who may need some ideas. 

    Read now or pin for later!

    16 time management tips for new mompreneurs

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    Learning time management doesn’t have to be a tough task. By doing so you’ll feel more organized and able to accomplish more things.

    Here are some of the things I do to manage my time while working from home with two 3-years-olds, one of which is special needs. 

    pinterest for the people course

    Time management tasks for my home and business

    >Set some goals

    One way to kick things off is to figure out exactly what you want to do, and when you want it done by. The best way to do this is to set some SMART goals. Setting goals allow you to get your business and life going on the right track to success. Take my FREE SMART goals workshop!

    >Brain dump

    Take everything you want/have to do, and “dump” them on a piece of paper (or notebook, post-it, scrap paper). Don’t worry about putting them in any order, just write them as they come to you. 

    mind map brain dump


    Put the tasks in order of which they are due or need to be completed. This will allow you to see what task is most urgent.

    >Planners or block schedule

    I created a block schedule so that I can “assign” my tasks to certain days and times. This gives me a nice, neat schedule to follow. I then use my Happy Planner for my appointments and daily to-do list.

    When I use a block schedule I “block” off times in my day to do my tasks. Tasks include: planning my day, client work, my promos, cooking/meal prep, etc.

    sample block schedule


    For my business, I assign a certain task for each day of the week, so that I have my work spread out evenly. (Instead of trying to do everything in one day.) This is called batching.

    sample task list

    Batching allows you to get things done in an efficient manner.

    >Track tasks

    Ever wonder how much you do in a day even when it feels like you did “nothing”? I use a productivity tracker in my bullet journal to keep track of the things I completed in my day. You can create a similar system on paper, or in Excel. (Check out the Boosted Journal for instructions on how to create this system.)

    >Content calendars

    As a Social Media Manager, I have to plan the content I post, the blog posts to write, etc. I keep track of this by creating content calendars. (Get a FREE content calendar with sample prompts.)


    You can schedule just almost anything. As a SMM, I schedule out my posts, pins, and emails so that I will always have content out. (Please note that even though you automate your tasks, you should still be present at some point.) Check out this blog post to learn which schedulers I use and love.

    I take care of my family’s finances, so I signed up for automatic bill pay. This way I don’t have to worry about paying my bills on time because they pay themselves. I just make sure to check my books at the end of every week and make sure all the bills are taken care of.

    >Meal plan and prep

    Save time by planning your family’s meals and prepping them ahead of time. You can make freezer meals and pop them in for dinner. A great planner (plus over 1,000+ recipes) I use is the Healthy Meal Planner from Ultimate Bundles. It has been a LIFESAVER!

    healthy meal planning bundle


    Plan for days off and also an end to your workday. You need to take time to relax your mind and spend time with your family. 

    >Stop multitasking!

     Every time you attempt to multi-task, your focus and productivity go down and you will get fewer things done. (Even if you’re working on multiple projects at once.)

    >Stay off social media

    Stopping to check your social media at various times of the day will distract you. Before you know it, an hour (or more!) has passed and nothing got done.

    However, if social media is your JOB (like I’m a Social Media Manager/VA) then you should definitely set blocks of time for the work you’re doing.

    how to run a business when you have children at home

    >Stats & analytics

    As a SMM, it is important that we monitor and keep track of analytics for our clients and ourselves. While it may be enticing to check stats every day (or every hour like I used to, eek!) it is important that you don’t get caught up in the numbers more than the strategies to get there. By checking them once every 1-2 weeks, or even monthly, it will save you a lot of time and energy and you’ll still end up with the same results. (You should be waiting at least a month’s cycle for a new strategy to be implemented and analyzed anyways.)

    >Utilize nap time!

    When you are trying to run a business from home with littles around, you will definitely need to utilize nap time! Most importantly, get your babies on a schedule and you’ll always have a rough timeframe of when naptime will be every day.

    Of course, as a tired momma myself, sometimes I utilize nap time for my own self-care. (Ain’t no shame in my game! The most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves and preventing burnout!) I usually get 2ish quiet hours, so I choose from taking a nap, lounging, take a break from the screen (computer, phone), call my grandma (we talk daily), read a book, bullet journal, meditate, anything that doesn’t have to do with my business. 

    start your own VA business

    >Wake up early(-ier)

    For new moms, I know you are up most (if not all) of your nights, so waking up early or earlier may not be an option. However, if you find yourself up before your little, embrace that time and use it to do a small task (plan your day, meditate, read) to get refreshed and ready for the day!

    For moms of older kids (who get up later), this is a great time to start your day and tackle some projects or assignments you have! Or even meal prep for the day. Once you get in the swing of things, you will find that you take care of A LOT of things before your family gets up to start the day!

    >Plan for a “sick day”

    Sometimes you just can’t help it-you or the kids get sick. You should always have a plan or system in place that can allow you to take a day or two off and your business won’t hurt nor will you have to worry. 

    >Consider help

    If all else fails and you find that you still need more hours in your day, consider getting a personal assistant or nanny.

    time management for busy moms

    Final thoughts

    I know firsthand that motherhood can be a mix of emotions and the unknown. As much as you want to plan your days down to the seconds, it may not be possible with children. Staying organized is something that I love to do, so I plan my day to be flexible as well as productive. 

    I hope some of these time management tips can help you successfully manage your workday when you have littles in the home. (And even if you don’t!) Time management is important in a business and even life! 

    If you have created a time management plan for your day, would you be willing to share it with me? Send me a comment below and tell me how you survive a workday with your littles!

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  • What I learned from my 4 week Instagram hiatus

    Mid-May I had a lot of things going on in my personal life. (An unexpected move, packing, lack of motivation..) So many things that I had to put some of my business tasks on hold for a bit. Enter my Instagram hiatus.

    I knew I had to put some of my business on the back-burner because it became necessary to do so. And I had to choose carefully which parts were [temporarily] going.

    I decided that, after scheduling my posts for the rest of the month, I would be putting Instagram aside.

    Read about my experience in putting my Instagram aside for a month (and counting).

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    What I learned from my [4 week] Instagram hiatus

    How does Instagram work?

    Instagram, like any other social media channel, works best when you engage with your followers daily. If you just drop a post, add a couple of hashtags and run, you will not get the full potential of the platform back in return.

    It is my understanding of the algorithm that, to gain the maximum effects of Instagram, you should be doing (at minimum):

    • engaging with those who follow you (comment/like their posts) before AND after you post
    • utilize the ‘explore’ page and find new accounts to follow (that fit your interests/niche)
    • research and use the correct hashtags for your post/business/niche

    The BEST advice I found and follow for this is Gary Vee’s $1.80 method.

    Why did I choose Instagram?

    I ultimately decided to go on an Instagram hiatus because out of all the platforms I frequent for my business, IG took the most work (for me).

    Yes I had my graphics created, my captions planned, and my hashtags researched; unfortunately, it was the engagement that killed me and that’s why I decided to take a much-needed break.

    I honestly felt like I wasn’t using the platform to its full potential anyway, and the events going on in my personal life gave me the perfect excuse to take the break I’ve been debating on taking with IG. (This has actually been floating around in my mind for about a month or so, to either close my IG or start a brand new account.)

    So what happened to my IG?

    *As of this post, I have been on my IG hiatus for about 4 weeks.*

    I still have my Instagram up, I just don’t post daily as I have been before. Once my scheduled posts ran out, I slowed to almost a stop on the platform. (I did post a few stories here and there, informing my followers of sales or discounts on my services.)

    On my last post, I let my followers know that I was taking an Instagram break for an undisclosed amount of time (because I didn’t really know how long myself), and reminded them that they can still find and follow me on my other platforms (Facebook & Pinterest) or join my newsletter list. I also reminded them of my Pinterest course that was still available.

    Of course, I also made it apparent that I was still in business! (Just not frequenting IG.)

    I felt that even though I only had a handful of followers that actually engaged with my posts (no more than 30 accounts, with 1500+ followers) I needed to be honest with them and to not just up and ghost.

    My Followers

    My follower count did go down some (as expected) but not as much as I thought it would. I know that Instagram has been cracking down on fake accounts so I expected to continue losing the 3-5 “followers” a day. I also expected to lose some accounts that I no longer served a purpose for (since I wasn’t sharing anything new).

    All in all, for the 4 weeks I have been off of IG, I’ve lost less than 100 followers. I’m totally okay with that!

    I have also been receiving quite a bit of new followers each day as well, which is a total surprise for me! (And something I’m totally grateful for.)

    SMART goals email workshop


    About a week ago, I did add a new post stating that I would be back soon, and in my caption explained my situation and asked if they benefitted from my IG at all. (Because if no one really cared, wanted it, or seen it, it would make my decision to close my account an easier one.)


    On the first week of my hiatus, I received a DM asking if I was still in business and taking new clients! It felt awesome and was a great opportunity for me. It also told me that my IG was well laid-out and easy to understand.


    After posting about my break, I received tons of support from my followers who are local to me! They understood that sometimes a break is necessary, and really affirmed that I was taking the right step for myself (and my business.)

    Recycle, recycle, recycle!

    While I was fully on pause on IG, I still had my Facebook business page and Pinterest account to keep up with. However, because I put so much work into my IG posts and captions, I was able to supplement my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts with one click of a button!

    I recycled my IG posts by sharing them to my other platforms! I shared directly to Facebook and Twitter and shared my Facebook and blog posts directly to LinkedIn. Pinterest was taken care of by Tailwind! (I’m telling you, Tailwind is a GODSEND when it comes to scheduling pins.)

    I always heard of recycling posts or rewriting them to fit other platforms, but never got around to “trying” it. However, I saw my opportunity to do it, and it worked so WELL for me and the situation I was in!

    I took a break from Instagram.. find out what happened!

    What I learned

    Because I had been debating between closing my account, starting a new one, or just keeping this one, I had a hard time just leaving my account to the wolves (lol). I’m extremely glad that I was able to schedule out some posts, as well as leave a post announcing my departure and alternative methods of contact instead of just ghosting my [few] loyal followers.

    After being away from Instagram and focusing on other areas of my business, I felt strangely.. free in a sense. It was nice to not be constantly on IG, posting stories, finding ideas, researching the best hashtags of the week..

    To be honest, I’m not even sure that my business was/is benefitting from Instagram, and I am still wondering if I actually need the platform or not.

    The verdict

    4 weeks later and I am still on the fence about starting up my Instagram again. I am really enjoying the break, and I am also enjoying that I don’t have to come up with new content at the moment.

    Howeverrrr, I am fighting with myself because I am now coming up with all these new ideas for my IG. (Yes, I am soooo horrible at making decisions, ugh.)

    So now I am back in my dilemma.

    I have been thinking of doing another trial run (for about a month) and utilizing the evergreen function on SmarterQueue. Basically, I’d enter all my posts and it can be recycled every so often. And, I can also add to my queue and still be on track!

    Share your thoughts!

    So, what do you think about Instagram in general? Does it benefit you, business-wise? Leave me a comment letting me know your opinion of IG! Don’t forget to include your niche/business too so I can gauge correctly.

    I’d LOVE to hear other’s opinions, and what works (or what doesn’t!) for them!

  • How to keep up with your virtual business when “life” happens!

    It’s one of those things that happen. Especially if you work your virtual business from home. And have children.

    It’s called Life.

    There may be times where you have to put your business on the back burner. Not intentionally, but because important things happen in your life.

    As of this post, I just signed a lease for my new house. It was a VERY UNEXPECTED life event, even though it was something I had been planning for months.

    You see, we were house hunting, but having a hard time finding something that fit all of our criteria. Then one day (a Saturday)  we saw a sign on the side of the road for a house for rent. We got in touch with the Landlord the next day (Sunday) and after gathering our paperwork and documents, the day after (Monday) we received our keys!

    Yes, my story seems like something that isn’t real (it’s true, I promise!), and as unexpected as it was, I needed to start packing up and transferring everything. While STILL running and keeping up with my business (and client work!).

    Luckily, even though I had to pack up my home office, I was still able to maintain my virtual business like I still had one! Keep reading to know how I did it.

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    how to keep up with your virtual business when "life" happens

    Top 10 Apps I use for my virtual business

    One way I kept up with my virtual business (Pinterest Strategist/Manager and VA) is by downloading all the app versions of the programs I use on my computer onto my phone and iPad.

    By downloading the apps, I can still keep up with certain aspects of my job and not slow down! Some of the apps I use daily are:

    • Gmail

    Email is one of my most important forms of communication with current and potential clients, my subscribers, and more. I have the app on both my phone and iPad. This is an essential part of my business and I was so glad I was able to keep up with anything that came through.

    • Pinterest

    Since my business revolves around Pinterest, it’s only natural that I’d have the app downloaded everywhere! The app doesn’t include all the features that the website has, but it has enough of them that I could still do the work I needed to do. I love that I can be signed into multiple accounts at the same time!

    • Canva

    Being a Social Media Manager means I’m always creating some type of graphic, either for myself or clients. By downloading it on my phone and iPad, I was still able to create graphics on the go!

    pinterest for the people course
    • Google Analytics

    An important aspect of my business is monitoring and analying data for mu clients. This helps with building their Pinterest profiles and ensuring that my strategies are working. If not, I can tweak them at moment’s notice!

    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

    These apps are downloaded not only for personal use, but to keep up with my clients, too! FB, IG, TW, and LI are great places for me to find clients or to answer questions that others have in regards to management.

    • WordPress

    I downloaded the WordPress app so that I could monitor my daily traffic and ensure that my website is performing the way it should be.

    I use Tailwind to help with my client’s and my Pinterest traffic. From the app I can schedule pins, create drafts, and find other’s pins to post! One downide for me is that I can only be signed into one account at a time, and I can’t access board lists from the app.

    • Trello

    Trello is an awesome organizational tool! I use it as my blog editorial calendar, affiliate links home, and more. It automatically syncs from my computer to my phone and back. I love that I can keep up with it on the go; it’s been a lifesaver for me!

    • Dropbox

    I use Dropbox to save all my client’s work and more. By having on my computer and apps, I can access the files I need at any time I need them.

    I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts. Scheduling posts help me to save and manage my time wisely.

    35 content prompts

    Working my virtual business on the Go

    By having these apps downloaded on my phone and iPad, I was able to keep working while preparing for my move (and actually moving) – without slowing down!

    Working my virtual business from home means I don’t have the traditional “sick” or “vacation” days, so even though I don’t have a “boss” to answer to, I was not able to take “time off”. I did think about pausing my business for the two weeks that I needed, however, I realized that I didn’t have to!

    Even with staying connected to my virtual business through my phone and iPad, I was glad that I was able to take a “break” from the work I was doing for my business (not client work, but other work in general). I was close to a burnout, and knew I should slow down – but I didn’t really want to. This move seemed to be a blessing in disguise, by allowing me to slow down when I really needed to.


    Even though life happens, you don’t need to quit doing what you love! There are always ways you can stay connected. Owning a virtual business doesn’t mean it has to stop when life gets in the way. If you want to continue working, you will find a way!

    Let me know in the comments below how you run your business on the go!

    how to keep up with your virtual business when life throws you curveballs
  • 23 Ways to Stay Motivated & Productive when Business is Slow.

    There will come a time where you just don’t have clients or client work at the moment, and your business is slow.

    And while it’ll feel AMAZING to not have any “work” to do, there are still some things you can “work on” in the meantime.

    If you don’t have clients or assignments, don’t get discouraged! This is the PERFECT time to get some things out of the way and to build your business.

    Listed below are productive things you can do for your business while you’re waiting for clients or assignments.

    23 ways to stay motivated and productive when business is slow

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    How to stay motivated & productive when business is slow

    Having slow periods or no clients doesn’t have to be something negative. Instead of feeling down that you don’t have money flowing in, take this time to work on making your business the way you want it to be.

    Learn new systems, map out routines, take courses, etc. Listed below are some things you can do when you have downtime (in no particular order).

    1. Create content

    Get ahead of the game and create content for next week, month, or next few months! This can include bulk creating your graphics as well. This would be a great time to research what problems people have and ways you (or your business) can solve them!

    Where can you find what problems people have? Check out this blog post I wrote on planning content. If you need help with some content ideas, grab my free prompts calendar and worksheets.

    Bonus step: batch schedule all the content you just created! (Try Planoly, SmarterQueue, Later) Oh, and don’t forget to refill your Tailwind queue! (No Tailwind? Get a free trial plus your first month free here.)

    2. Browse Facebook groups

    Think of what Facebook groups you’re in. Browse them to see if there is someone looking for a service/product you provide, what problems they’re having (and how you can solve them), etc. You can also see if you can answer questions on the threads (which shows your expertise in an area they’re inquiring about!). Some of these groups will even let you advertise your business! Be sure to check with group owners, or watch for promo days.

    If you’re a Virtual Assistant, some great groups are:

    Virtual Assistant Jobs

    Virtual Assistant Tribe job Board

    The Virtual Assistant Finishing School Group

    If you’re a small eCommerce business:

    Small Shop Bosses

    Hustlin Boss Babes

    Build Her Up – Shop Boss

    3. Revamp your social media

    If you’ve been meaning to re-do your social media sites (create cohesion, change up your about me/business hours, add services, change your cover photo, etc.) now is the best time to do it! Creating graphics that pop can call people to your page(s).

    Another great thing you can do for your social media is to learn more about it! Research new information, look up hashtags, check for graphic sizes, etc. You can also research new strategies to build up your following and keep them.

    After you have redone your profiles, find places and ways to share them and get more followers!

    Bonus: Learn about performing a Pinterest audit from this post.

    4. Revamp your website

    If you’re like me, you’ve been meaning to change things up on your website. Some things you can do include:

    -add SEO to your pages and blog posts

    -add ALT text to all pictures

    -switch out graphics for newer ones

    -switch out the ads on your site

    -change your theme

    -add/change Hello bar

    5. Create new pins for older blog posts

    Pinterest loves fresh content!  Even if it’s just a new pin to an older blog post, they’ll take it. Create at least one new pin for each blog post you have. Keep similar wording or write new ones, changes colors, pictures, etc.

    Check your analytics to see what pins are working for your audience and you’ll know how to create your new pins. You can also see what people in your niche are creating and draw inspiration from them.

    Check out this blog post for ways to SEO your Pinterest and to set it up for organic traffic!

    Bonus step: pin 2-3 of those new pins, or batch schedule in Tailwind. (Don’t schedule or add all new pins at once; instead, add 1-2 every day.)

    6. Create a new freebie/email series

    First and foremost, you should be creating a nurtured email list for your business. An email list can truly help you grow and prosper. (If you don’t have one, start one NOW! I highly recommend MailerLite as a beginner email provider.)

    One way to draw people onto your list is to offer a freebie they can get once they sign up. That freebie is usually connected to an email series.

    The freebie can offer a solution to a problem that they have. Having an irresistible freebie allows you to draw people onto your email series, which acts as your funnel.

    Some freebies you can offer are:





    -swipe file


    -resource library

    -email challenge



    -video course



    -resource guide


    -style guide


    -graphics/stock photos


    -free trial


    7. Business courses

    I feel that we never stop learning (and shouldn’t!). A great way to fill your time is to brush up your knowledge or learn a new skill! Some great courses to look up are:

    Pinterest for the People (my course! Everything about Pinterest)

    Start a Blog

    Blog Income Bootcamp

    Social Media courses


    Start your own Virtual Assistant Business

    Start a Freelance business

    8. Clean out your inbox

    I know that I get upwards of 30-100 emails a day. (Yes, I’m subscribed to a lot of things!) So you can imagine that my inbox fills up rather quickly.

    I usually take one day a week to clear it out, however, when I have free time here and there, I’ll go through as many as I can.

    Of course, I scan my email senders and headlines every 2 hours or so to see if something urgent comes in. Otherwise, everything can wait.

    If you find yourself with some free time, clear out your inbox, move emails you want to keep to a ‘“saved” folder, and unsubscribe to emails you are no longer interested in.

    9. Rebrand

    If you’ve been thinking of changing up your logo, colors, slogan, NICHE, now is the time to do it!

    Not having clients at the moment can be a godsend and a great way to take your business to the level you want it to be.

    That way when you do gain clients, you’re ready and fresh, and “new”!

    Tip: be sure to make all your changes across the board, and inform your followers/send an email blast.

    23 ways to stay motivated and productive when business is slow

    10. Reach out to previous clients

    If you’ve had great relationships with clients you’ve worked with before, reach out to them and see if they need help with a current project or two!

    You never know what someone may be struggling with. And you just might be their saving grace out of nowhere.

    Shoot them an email or a quick message, asking how they’re doing, or an update on what you provided them with in the first place, and offer more services. A great way to reel them in is to offer some type of dicount or freebie, too!

    11. Approach local businesses

    Use this free time to up your game! Reach out to local businesses and see how you can help! If you are a service provider, show them samples of your work and let them know what you can do for them.

    If you are a product maker, see about getting your product in the local stores! The worse thing they can do is say no. Otherwise, how would you know?

    12. Draft future blog posts/Guest post

    Downtime is a great time to prepare! Sit and write down a few topics you’d like to write about, and start drafting the outline of them.

    By having an outline ready, you can crank out quite a few posts and get them ready to publish. That way you’ll never be without an idea to post and you’ll have a lot of content to promote. Grab my blog post outline worksheets to help you out.

    A great way to establish authority within your blog is to write guest posts on other blogs! You can find blogs that are looking for guest posts on various blogging Facebook groups. Be sure to get the requirements for their blog, and get your backlinks in order as well.

    13. Apply for affiliate programs

    One way bloggers monetize their blogs is to apply and promote affiliate programs. There are quite a few programs out there, and it can be hard to go through them and weed out the ones that are in your niche.

    The way an affiliate program works is that you promote any of their products, and if people buy through you, you can receive a percentage of that sale. (It can range from 5%-50%+) Almost everything we use has an affiliate program.

    One thing about certain programs is that they sometimes require you to have a certain amount of pageviews each month.

    A great place for beginners to start are with SendOwl and ShareASale. They have lots of different programs to apply to, all in one place.

    14. Go through your social media analytics

    When you sign up for business accounts on the major social media platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook , Twitter, etc.) you gain access to analytics.

    Your analytics show you how your account performs within any given time period. These stats can show you the optimal times your audience is on, what types of posts perform well, what your audience resonates with, etc.

    It can also show you trends of your audience as well. If you are on Tailwind, it shows you AWESOME analytics for your Pinterest profile! It’ll show you which of your boards are performing well, and which ones that may be hurting you. This is great information to have on hand.

    I suggest you familiarize yourself with the analytics of the social media platforms you are on, and really see what goes on with your accounts. This will greatly benefit you in the long run, and can bring more engagement as well as, more sales!

    Analytics can seem to be confusing and hard to interpret sometimes. This can definitely be a task you outsource. (If you’re looking for someone, send me a message and let’s chat!)

    15. Learn a new social media platform

    When you first start marketing on social media, it is suggested that you learn/use 1-2 platforms in the beginning, get to know those platforms inside and out, and when you are ready, branch out to other platforms.

    Having downtime in your business is an excellent time to get to know another platform and extend your marketing to a different audience!

    Side note: you don’t HAVE to be on multiple platforms! If a certain platform doesn’t fit your business, don’t force your business to be on it.

    16. Create a webinar/course

    Webinars can be a little nerve-wracking, but some people enjoying learning that way. You can create a webinar as a freebie opt-in, or as part of a paid program.

    There are many programs out there to record and edit your webinar, as well as platforms to host them.

    Another great thing to create is an ecourse. An ecourse is a course you can create for others to learn on their own time.

    Great hosting platforms are Teachable, Kajabi, and Thinkiffic. I have only used Teachable, so do your research before deciding which one to host your course on.

    17. Review/revise your business plan (or create one!)

    Even though it makes one uneasy to not have clients (I bet you’re thinking about not being able to pay a certain bill, or have extra funds for the month) it is a great opportunity to make sure you are on the the right track with your business.

    When you first started your business venture, you should have created a business plan, so that you had an idea of what you were going to do, how your were goings to do it, and what goals you are going to put in place to get there.

    If you don’t have a business plan in place, I highly suggest you take this time to create one! This is the perfect opportunity to get your affairs in order and to bring some organization to your business.

    You can find great business plan templates online. Just search for one within your niche. (A great place to start is Google and Pinterest!).

    Other planners that can help you are Classy Career Girl’s 90-day planner and It’s All You Boo’s Slay your Goals planner. Both are printable and easy to follow! I use both within my business.

    stylish stock photos for female entrepreneurs

    18. Create a task schedule

    One of the things that keep me incredibly organized in my business is to create a task schedule.

    To do this I create a list of tasks I need to be done during the week (batch graphics, batch scheduling, draft blog posts, publish blog posts, etc.) and also list the days I am in service during the week (Sunday-Wednesday and Friday).

    Next, I write in what I want to be done on each day. So, I have assigned a task to each day of the week I am working. For example, Mondays I batch graphics and draft blog posts; Tuesdays are editing, publishing, and sharing posts; Wednesdays I draft my weekly newsletter and work on clietns work; Thursday off; Friday I schedule posts and client work; Saturday I’m off; Sunday I check emails and run analytics reports.

    This is a great way for me to stay organized and productive in my week and allows me to get quite a few things done. And if I complete my task for the day, I can always work ahead, or have time to do other things on my list (like most of the things on THIS list!). Or, I can “reward” myself by having the rest of the day to do my mommy/wife duties.

    19. Find and join NEW Facebook groups, Tribes, or Group Boards

    There seems to be a Facebook group for just about everything nowadays. A few of the popular ones I’m in touch on the topic of blogging, Pinterest, virtual assisting, online/small businesses, etc.

    These groups are great ways to network and advertise your business or blog (only when allowed of course!). Utilize the search bar and find groups in your niche.

    As for group boards, if you are on Pinterest, these boards are a great way to share your pins and get them out to a good amount of people. Of course, group boards only work if everyone who is a part of the board pitches in-and not just uses the board as a dumping ground. Usually the “rules” of the board are to share X amount of pins for every X amount YOU share. If you keep up this type of mentality, group boards are VERY BENEFICIAL to all who are a part of them.

    Tribes are similar to group boards, but can only be found on Tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler that can help you increase your reach and gain more followers and pageviews (and hopefully more business!). In my opinion, Tribes are better than group boards in that Tribe owners can actually see who isn’t pulling their weight and who isn’t can get booted from the group. That way you can see which Tribes are performing well and which aren’t.

    If you are in the Social Media Management/Virtual Assistant niche, or the Pinterest niche, I have 2 Tribes that you are welcome to join! And if you aren’t part of Tailwind yet, by joining the Tribe you will receive a free month of Tailwind on me!

    20. Leave Facebook groups, Tribes, or group boards

    Another thing you can do is go through your FB groups and see if the information included in them is something that you are still interested in. Maybe you haven’t visited the group for a while or forgot it was even there. (Facebook limits the reach of the groups that you don’t interact with so that may be why it stops showing up in your feed.) If you are no longer interested in the group, you can leave it. Also, if you aren’t active, the group owner may purge you from the group as well.

    Same applies to Tribes and Group Boards. You can see which ones are performing well by checking your analytics on Tailwind. If these boards/Tribes are not benefitting you, then it is time to leave them and join new ones.

    21. Research business tools and programs

    Downtime is the best time to research business tools and programs that may help you with time management or productivity.

    There are so many tools out there, and you may want to try them all but don’t have the time. Take the time to research what’s out there, compare services, prices, and features.

    Read about the business tools I use for my business in this post and this post.

    22. Check finances/create a budget

    A lot of the things that get overlooked in a business is the finances. If you’re anything like how I used to be, you ‘guess’ how much money you have and go from there. You sometimes forget to record incoming payments, or even forget that an outgoing payment automatically comes out and may leave you in an unfortunate situation.

    I knew that I really needed to get my finances in order; after all, this is a business! I’m in the business to make money, not ignore it.

    The best thing I did was enroll in FreshBooks Cloud Accounting. By connecting my accounts FreshBooks automatically collected information for me and made it easy when it came to tax time.

    By knowing all of this information first hand, I was able to create a budget for my business and stick to it! Pinterest has great budgeting worksheets; I recommend you find one that fits your style or create your own.

    Another way that helped me get my finances in order was to create income reports to share with everyone! You can check out my income reports here:

    April 2019

    March 2019

    Jan/Feb 2019

    Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

    23. Look into hiring help

    If you are at a point in your business where you need help running certain areas, you can look into hiring help!

    Not many people have this luxury, but if you do, there are many people who can help you achieve success in your business.

    Great places to start are virtual assistants or social media managers. These people can take a lot of the marketing and day to day work off your plate, so you have more time to create and run your business.

    You can find people for hire on various Facebook groups, or even by putting out an ad! Virtual jobs are very “in” right now and you will have no problem finding someone. Be sure to do your research ensure they’re qualified to do the job.

    Learn more about social media managers on this post.


    There you have it! 23 ways to stay motivated and productive when business is slow.

    Building a business is a lot more than just doing work for other people. You actually have to build it, nurture it, and make improvements where needed. If you have “free time” in your business then you can always fill it with a task to add to your features.

    Of course, if you have built a business that runs on auto-pilot, then hey you deserve to have that free time!

    I suggest that you create a running to-do list and add to it what you really want to get done for your business. Then, when you find that you have extra time to fill, you can work on ticking those items off one by one!

    I am 8 months into my business and still have a running to-do list of things I want to be working on. This is a great way for me to remember what I want to build upon and how I want to make it great!

    Drop a comment below and let me know what’s on YOUR to-do list!

  • April 2019 Income Report

    Welcome to my April income report!

    I have been doing income reports for a few months now, and I do so that newer bloggers can see that it IS possible to make money blogging at any stage.

    I started blogging in September of 2018, and here I am today! It’s not very far, but it’s farther than I was when I started.

    You can read my previous reports here:

    Jan/Feb 2019


    April seemed to be a very busy month for me, and it went by quickly! We are only a few days into May and my traffic is really picking up! (The reason? An awesome guest post by my colleague, Tarin LaRoux. You can read it here.)

    I will continue to share my income reports with everyone until I feel it’s necessary to stop. I know that blogging can seem like a scary journey, but with the right tools and direction, it doesn’t have to be. (Read about how to start here)

    Below you will see the statistics, income, and expenses for my 8th-month blogging and virtual assisting.

    This post may contain affiliate links, and while it may not cost you anything extra, if you make a purchase through any of my links, I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you in advance for trusting me! Read more here.

    april 2019 blogging income report

    What is an income report?

    An income report contains the income you made each month, by way of blogging, affiliate sales, any type of product sales (like if you are selling an eBook or course), ad payouts, etc. It can also show your stats and expenses as well. Everyone writes their reports differently, and this is how mine will be presented.

    April income report details

    Note: I wanted to voice from the beginning that all incoming money (“income”) is made from blogging, one way or another. I blog about my Pinterest services, which is what brings me clients. I blog about affiliate resources, which is what brings me affiliate sales. In case you were wondering why I included what I included in my summaries.

    Pageviews from Google analytics: 1,586 vs 1,005 in March

    Income: $332.57

    FreshBooks is cloud-accounting software that I use for invoicing, bookkeeping, etc.

    FOMO is and ads service that not only pays by click, but by impressions as well. You get automatically paid every month, and there is no minimum to cash out.

    Expenses: $56.96

    • Tailwind $36.99
    • Drop box: $9.99
    • Paypal fees: $9.68
    • Etsy fees: 30c

    Total profit for April: $275.61

    April was a pretty good month for me! It was definitely more than I expected, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunities I had. I’m hoping May will prosper even more, with my new launch! (Details at the end of this post!)

    April stats

    These numbers are my social media numbers, email subscribers, and blog subscribers.

    In April I cleaned out my email list and unsubscribed those who weren’t active.

    Email subscribers: Mailerlite 95 (down 5 from last month)

    Blog subscribers: 1 (up 1 from last month!)

    Pinterest: 156k monthly views, 3.5k engaged, 1,887 followers (compared to 142k/3.3k/1,725 in March)

    Facebook biz page: 147 likes (144 in March)

    Instagram: 1,524 (vs 1,529 last month)

    Twitter: 426 (428 in March)

    I’m not as active on Twitter as I like to be, and probably won’t be. My main focus is Pinterest, then Facebook & Instagram. (Although they could probably use more love.)

    april 2019 income report

    Did I hit my April goals?

    For April I wanted to have 150 email subscribers, 2,500 pageviews, and more affiliate sales. Sadly I did not hit those goals.

    Are my goals to high for the moment? They may be. My plan was to create a new freebie to gain email subs, plus participate with Start a Mom Blog’s Pinterest challenge to raise my traffic. My traffic slightly increased but did not hit my goals.

    Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

    May plan of action and goals

    I want to keep the same goals I had for April and try my best to work even harder at achieving them.

    I am planning on promoting a few pins this month, plus I will FINALLY be launching my Pinterest course! (To hear the latest news sign up for my newsletter.)

    I am planning on creating another freebie opt-in, and an email series on SMART goals.

    What are some things you do to increase traffic? Drop them in the comments below!

    pinterest DIY course


    This concludes my April income report! Income report writing is one of my favorite times of the month. I love seeing my growth and seeing where I need help. I also enjoy that I can share my experiences with everyone and give the same kind of hope and motivation I received when I first started.

    Drop a comment below if you enjoyed this income report and if you got something out of it! Also, feel free to share your experiences with me, too. I love learning and I could use any advice.