• September Income Report

    September was my one-year Blogiversary! EEK. I have been blogging for a whole year. And while it has not been an easy road, it is exciting and I feel like I’m learning so much along the way. I haven’t reached my FULL blogging potential, but I am well on my way. This is my one-year […]

  • July 2019 Income Report

    The purpose of me sharing my income reports with you all is not to brag, but to keep me accountable and informed of my business. I also like to give encouragement to new bloggers and show that you can make money with a blog. I will be the first to say that May, June, and […]

  • Income Report – January & February 2019

    I am extremely new to blogging. Like, 5 months new. I’m not new to the concept, though. I started this journey as a virtual assistant, and slowly added blogging into the mix (amongst other things!). Later, I evolved into a Pinterest strategist and manager. And I am enjoying every single bit of this “job”! Working […]

  • Starting a blog-What I wish I knew in the beginning

      Blogging is something that has definitely taken off in the last few years. I know it may be a confusing process-it took me 3 tries to actually begin! And even then, I had a hard time “figuring out” how to go about doing so. Of course, the first thing I did was Google everything! […]

  • Sample image with slider

    Sometimes you may need to upload a lot of pictures on a blog post. It might result in a long loading page and readers might need to scroll along the way. But if you’d love to keep your blog post short and sweet, yet able to show lots of images, this can be a solution […]

  • Sample post with image aligned right

    Jelly I love applicake ice cream sesame snaps cookie sweet roll. I love oat cake I love powder donut chocolate bar I love chocolate bar tiramisu. Applicake icing powder chocolate lemon drops. I love jelly caramels cheesecake. I love gummi bears jujubes gummies I love. I love sweet roll sweet roll sugar plum tart tootsie […]