• How to invest in your business for less than $100

    Are you one of the many people who choose a “word of the year”? I recently became one of those people, and my word for 2019 is Growth. You see, the end of 2017 I experienced something really life-altering (read more about that here) and I kind of hit my rock-bottom. When 2018 rolled around, […]

  • 25+ Mompreneur gifts that won’t break the bank

    More and more moms are starting their own businesses from home. We like to get a sense that we are contributing to our household, too. On top of that, we’re still doing our “regular” mom duties, too-cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, etc.  Working from home can be a very rewarding venture to tackle. With the holidays coming […]

  • August Income Report – the raw truth (2019)

    August marks my 11th-month blogging and running my business. Eleven whole months. It hasn’t been easy. I’m not a millionaire. Heck, I’m barely paying my bills ( for some months, I kinda haven’t). However, I can say I’m truly blessed to have a great support system at home, rooting for me to get my business […]

  • The ultimate list of home office supplies

    Working from home comes with quite a few challenges, one of them being how to “set up” a home office. If you’re like me, you have a hard time staying focused and on-task, especially if you have little ones at home, and you long for a space of your own. I am a year deep […]

  • 10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

    Consistency is key. Content is king. Social media and admin tasks are never-ending. I know you’ve heard the first two phrases before, however, the third one couldn’t be any truer. But how can you be consistent with social media if you’re busy with every other aspect of your business?  This is where a VA (virtual […]

  • 16 Time Management tips for work-at-home moms

    As a work-from-home mom with a special needs child, you can imagine that time management is extremely important to me.  I didn’t always work from home, but I always wanted to have my own business. When I had my daughter and found that I needed to stay home and care for her, I knew it […]

  • The best business tools & apps for new entrepreneurs

    Building and running a business from scratch (with no prior experience) can be stressful. Especially if you don’t know which business tools and resources to use when there are so many out there. I wanted to share with you the business tools I have found to work really well for me, as a true beginner […]

  • Accounting Made EASY with FreshBooks

    Running a virtual business requires a lot of business tools. One type of business tool that is important is accounting software, so you can invoice clients, track hours worked, record income and expenses, etc. The best accounting software I have come across is Freshbooks cloud Accounting. Read now or pin for later! The burning question […]

  • Bullet Journal for Productivity in my business

    There are many tools that people use for various purposes. As a Social Media Manager, tools that aid me in my daily tasks are extremely important to me. Enter the bullet journal. (This post may contain affiliate links. While it doesn’t cost you extra to make a purchase through my link, I may make a […]