• How to promote your Etsy shop using Pinterest

    Pinterest is not just for bloggers or recipes. You can use Pinterest to market almost any type of business.  Wonder how you can promote and market your Etsy shop on Pinterest? Keep reading! Before I got into Pinterest Management, I owned my own Etsy shop. (I actually still own it. It serves as a spot […]

  • Almost everything there is to know about Pinterest pins

    Creating pins for Pinterest can be a frustrating task, especially when you don’t see any return from them. (No clicks, no impressions, etc.) It can be hard to figure out exactly what your audience wants to see, especially if you are new to Pinterest and haven’t quite figured out the analytics side of it all […]

  • Sample post with blockquote

    Marzipan cake sweet lollipop lemon drops cheesecake brownie cotton candy. Powder powder chocolate bar cupcake soufflé gummi bears ice cream sweet fruitcake. Sweet donut chupa chups bear claw jelly beans jelly beans croissant wafer. Halvah cotton candy chocolate croissant chocolate bar. Cake icing sugar plum muffin brownie I love caramels. Candy canes chocolate bar powder […]