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Here you will find my portfolio for the work I do with various Pinterest accounts. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at

*Updated October 9, 2019

Pinterest Monthly Management

Each monthly management package comes with an analytics report at the end of each month. You can view packages and services here.

Profile 5 is a brand-new eCommerce website opened Sept. 1, with Pinterest establishment September 9.

pinterest impressions
impressions, month 1
pinterest link clicks
link clicks, month 1

Profile 4 is a small eCommerce shop, with a website as their storefront.

analytics, day 1
link clicks

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Profile 3 is a small eCommerce shop. Their primary storefront was FB & IG. They recently opened their first standalone shop May 1. 

Impressions last 30 days
link click rate

Profile 2 is also a small eCommerce shop, with Etsy as their storefront.

Profile 1 is a small mom blog, with a website.

Profile set-up only

This account was set up by me at the beginning of January, from scratch. There has currently been no other sharing or advertising for this page. The numbers and stats you see are from SEO optimization alone.

To schedule an audit on your Pinterest account (and get more organic traffic), business profile set up, or monthly management, please visit the Shop.

To get more information about the type of services I offer and what you’ll get with each package, please visit the Services tab.

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