• Get your business on Pinterest NOW! (Reasons why)

    “Pinterest is only for saving recipes for later.. when I get around to trying them.” “How can I use Pinterest to sell my products? It’s not a place to make sales?” “Pinterest is just another social media app that I have to take the time to learn. It’s too confusing.” “I don’t have time to […]

  • Why I’m not worried about my Pinterest views declining

    I hear it in almost EVERY Facebook group I’m in. “My Pinterest views dropped 10k overnight!”; “Does anyone know why my Pinterest views are getting lower?”; “Why am I losing Pinterest views, and what am I doing wrong?” And while it is an extreme high to see your Pinterest views get higher and higher, when […]

  • Pinterest advice from a Pinterest Strategist

    I was a fan of Pinterest ever since you had to be invited to use the platform. (Yes this was a thing!) I spent hours in the night scrolling and scrolling. I seriously thought it was the best invention, ever! Then I got a job teaching, and I bet you can guess what happened next! […]

  • Almost everything there is to know about Pinterest pins

    Creating pins for Pinterest can be a frustrating task, especially when you don’t see any return from them. (No clicks, no impressions, etc.) It can be hard to figure out exactly what your audience wants to see, especially if you are new to Pinterest and haven’t quite figured out the analytics side of it all […]

  • Top 5 reasons businesses aren’t marketing on Pinterest – and why they should be.

    When people hear the words ‘social media marketing’ they don’t usually think of Pinterest first.  But, to tell you the truth, Pinterest is marketing’s best-kept secret! What Pinterest is: A visual search engine An organic-traffic driver An excellent place to get ideas, tips, advice A place to make money A great place to advertise your […]