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  • September Income Report

    September was my one-year Blogiversary! EEK. I have been blogging for a whole year. And while it has not been an easy road, it is exciting and I feel like I’m learning so much along the way. I haven’t reached my FULL blogging potential, but I am well on my way. This is my one-year […]

  • 10 social media and admin tasks I can take off your hands today

    Consistency is key. Content is king. Social media and admin tasks are never-ending. I know you’ve heard the first two phrases before, however, the third one couldn’t be any truer. But how can you be consistent with social media if you’re busy with every other aspect of your business?  This is where a VA (virtual […]

  • What is a Social Media Manager, and Do I Really Need One?

    Building and running a business from the ground up takes a lot of work. Especially if you don’t have any formal training or are just “winging” it. There are many components that are included when marketing a business, and social media is definitely one of the BIGGEST drivers of traffic today. Don’t have time to […]