• Lori is an amazing Social Media Manager. Her specialty is Pinterest. She brings your company’s Pinterest account alive in a way no one else can.

    Crystal S.
  • I have been working with Lori for about 8 months or so and she does a phenomenal job managing my Pinterest account for my bow shop/boutique! She is quick to try new pins and different ideas to try to boost visibility for my business and maximize views. She is also very communicative and quick to respond to messages! I highly recommend her services especially if you are looking for someone to manage your Pinterest account.

    Kassi K.
  • Lori did a Pinterest audit for one of my accounts. Lori is extremely friendly and worked quickly on my audit report. I loved the suggestions she provided me to get my account better in order to start getting better Pinterest SEO. Lori’s suggestions are very detailed, and she takes you step-by-step on what you need to do to fix your account. I highly recommend Lori’s services. You will not regret working with her!

    Maria M.
  • Lori knows Pinterest like the back of her hand and can optimize your account so you get the most out of your account!

    Caitlin C.
  • Lori is great with Pinterest and I love referring my clients to her as I know she will help boost their business!

    Jennifer N.
  • Lori is amazing when it comes to Printerest! She is so knowledgeable that I finally feel like I can get my Pinterest to the next level. Thank up so much!

    Julie S.
  • Lori is an amazing Pinterest strategist. From optimizing your boards to boosting your pin exposure, she will surely take your Pinterest account to the next level.

    Lorin M.
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